The Distinguished History of HCI


The Collector's Pledge

Taken by all HCI employees, the Collector's Pledge is a commitment to the philosophy of treatment for patients and consumers that we communicate with each day. The pledge reads,

I believe that every person has worth as an individual. I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect. I will make it my personal responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts. I will be professional and ethical. I commit to honoring this pledge.

The pledge is a useful reminder that while we choose to perform the difficult task of debt collections, we can do it ethically and professionally. We would like to encourage all of our clients to accept and use the pledge in your office.


Healthcare Collections, LLC (HCI) was founded in 1992 by Paul Peach. Paul's extensive background in the healthcare industry includes management positions at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee, CFO at John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and VP of Finance for Lincoln Samaritan Hospital of Phoenix (later part of Samaritan Health Services). Paul also worked for several years at a collection agency to gain an understanding of the workings of a successful collection agency.

As a result of Paul's experience and attention to detail, HCI is currently one of Arizona's largest healthcare collection agencies in annual placements, recoveries and employees.

HCI continues to grow through active participation, often at the leadership level, in several healthcare associations. By dealing with issues that effect the healthcare industry as a whole, HCI strengthens leadership skills, builds valued relationships, and provides the best service possible to its clients.